Access to Capital
• For-Profit
• Not-For-Profit
Adaptation Council
Agricultural Adaptation Council
AMI (Agricultural Management Institute)
The Agricultural Management Institute is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario through the Agricultural Policy Framework, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.
Business Retention and Expansion
Business retention and expansion is a community-based economic development strategy with a focus on "taking care of, nurturing and supporting" businesses already existing in the community.
Community Strategic Planning
This section contains an overview of Community Strategic Planning. It provides some examples of techniques that can be applied at key initial stages and suggestions for where to find more specific tools and more detailed "how-to" publications.
COMRIF - Canada and Ontario Making Major Investment in Municipal and Rural Infrastructure
COMRIF is a partnership between the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and Ontario municipalities. We are working together to improve and renew public infrastructure across the province.
First Impressions Community Exchange
A program that helps communities gain insight into their home town through the eyes of first-time visitors.
Industry Canada
Information and links to federal and provincial small business initiatives. Details market place legalities for new businesses and information about strategies.
London Wine and Food Show
London Wine and Food Show 2010
Managing Downtown Revitalization
This Downtown Revitalization resource provides relevant information and tools to improve local downtown areas. The site is designed to guide the user through a series of proven steps and strategies for implementing a successful revitalization plan.
Middlesex Tourism
Tourism Symposium at the Bear Creek Golf Club, Strathroy, on Thursday, February 25th. For more information, check the link.
Municipal Cultural Planning Forum - Final Report (July 2005)
Ontario Municipal Cultural Planning Inventory Project, Summary of Findings, April 2005
New Directions Research Program
Norfolk County Agriculture
Norfolk County Economic Development
Norfolk County Tourism
OACFDC Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations
This site offers a map of the links to other CFDC offices throughout Ontario.
Ontario Biogas Systems Financial Assistance Program
The Ontario Biogas Systems Financial Assistance Program is a $11.2-million investment that will help farmers and agri-food businesses develop and build generating systems that produce clean energy, reduce electricity costs and contribute to local economies.
Ontario Research Commercialization Program (ORCP)
Launched in June 2005, the Ontario Research Commercialization Program (ORCP) is the first step in the McGuinty government's comprehensive strategy to help business innovators take their products to market.
Rural Economic Development Program
The Rural Economic Development (RED) program is a community development initiative that helps rural communities remove barriers to community development and economic growth.
Rural Ontario Profiles
- data on conditions and trends affecting rural Ontario
South Central Ontario Region (SCOR)
Strong Rural Communities - Ontario Rural Plan Update 2006
The Rural Plan sets out specific goals in each of these areas and identifies the best strategies to reach those targets and realize our vision for rural Ontario.
The Community Futures Development Corporation of Middlesex County
Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) of Middlesex County is a community-based non-profit organization run by a board of local volunteers.
The Elgin Community Futures Development Corporation
A resource centre for existing and new small businesses, providing services and programs designed to assist with business growth or start-ups.
The Enterprise Brant o/b Brant Community Futures Development Corporation
Enterprise Brant provides financial and consulting services to local businesses with a goal of creating and maintaining jobs in Brantford and the County of Brant.
The Norfolk District Business Development Corporation
The Norfolk District Business Development Corporation, located on the easterly outskirts of Simcoe, Ontario, is a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario whose goal is to encourage community economic development activities in Norfolk County.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation
The Ontario Trillium Foundation helps build healthy and vibrant communities by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives.
The Oxford Small Business Support Centre
With financial assistance from the Government of Canada through Industry Canada, we provide access to capital, deliver a number of services to assist small business, and support community development in the County
Tools for Assessing Competitive Advantage
The CEA Tools are interactive analytical tools that use a step-by-step process to assess the economic conditions, strengths and weaknesses of communities in Ontario. These tools can help you identify the competitive advantages or disadvantages in your municipality or region, to guide strategic decisions for local development.

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